The Voice Therapist Training Programme is designed as a postgraduate course and as supplement to the already existing profession of the participants.
It is an advantage, but not a requirement that your current profession in some way is related to the Voice Coach Programme.
The teaching method of this programme is an in-depth personal development process, where your voice is seen and placed in the greater context of your life. It is not merely technical and theoretic voice training with a fixed curriculum, but an ongoing personal process.
Rather than making the participant fit in with a fixed curriculum, the curriculum will be structured around each individual participant. This requires a major degree of self-responsibility on the part of each participant, who on the other hand gains considerable personal freedom in his/her personal learning process as a result of this.

The Objective of the Voice Therapist Training Programme is:

To increase your knowledge about voice psychology.

To increase your knowledge of the correlation between the voice and its psychology.

To teach the technique and method of voice reading in order to enable you to decode both the direct  message of the voice, as well as the underlying message, the meta-message of the voice. The ability to do this will enhance the quality of communication between people.

To give the participant a profound knowledge of his/her own voice and its potential through a personal work process.

To make the participant a much better artist, performer, communicator, teacher, therapist, counseller etc.

The Curriculum

Theoretic and Individual Voice Training:
Breathing Techniques
Personal Expression and Potential

The protective layers of the voice:
The physical and psychological aspects of voice barriers
The correlation between voice, body and emotions
The polarities illustrated by drama and role playing
Intuitive singing
Listening ability
The messages and meta-messages of the voice
Observation training
Personal projects

The programme has three levels and a fourth is in the planning stages.
Each level is a course lasting ten months and it comprised by three-day teaching sessions once a month.

Level 1:  Your own voice process and voice potential.

Level 2: Teaching and counselling others. Voice techniques in the I-You context under supervision

Level 3: Independent work with your own clients and groups under supervision.

The 3 levels may be taken together or independently. It is possible to take a break between the levels, just as you may repeat a level if you wish.

A New Consciousness  –  A New Way of Learning

This programme aims to teach a new way of learning, or rather to reeducate towards a new consciousness.
Competition is not among the keywords here, but potential and development seen in relation to each individual participant are.
Our fundamental purpose is to see people in a greater perspective in order to support, inspire and challenge each individual to achieve and develop the highest degree of integration of his/her potential resources.
When we connect with other people on a deep level of insight, all competition and ambition for selfish purposes will cease.  Something new and greater will emerge with the creation of lasting friendships as a result.

Training the Listener

Here we will develop your ability to listen and you will learn to give honest and authentic response.   To be able to do so, you must be in contact and communication with yourself. Unfortunately that is not highly valued in our society. It is not something we learn or are praised for. On the contrary, we are taught to shut ourselves down, “to manage” and to close our eyes, ears and senses. In the course of the programme you re-learn how to re-discover and remember what we have all forgotten. We learn to be present in the Eternal Now and to be responsible and authentic in relation to other people.

Tackling Barriers and Obstacles

A personal development process often means to leave the secure and familiar behind in order to move into unknown territory, thereby going beyond the boundaries of our usual behavioral patterns to conquer new land. In the context of your voice, this might mean that you only use 1 % of your voice in certain “roles”, good as well as bad ones. The paradox is, though,  that when you discover all the unused potential of your voice, it often seems overwhelming and frightening.
We can’t force this evolutionary process. We can inspire, stimulate and challenge it, but often we meet obstacles in the course of this. During the programme your will learn how to tackle this and also become familiar with your own barriers and obstacles.

Our Ethics

In the broadest possible sense, the programme is based on a spiritual outlook on life, in as much as we see mankind in as being part of greater Whole. We advocate a high ethical and moral standard throughout the course and do not exclude anybody on the basis of age, sex, race or religion.
The programme will take place in a joint atmosphere of respectful compassion and acceptance in order to create a supportive environment for everybody.

Who will benefit from the Voice Therapist Training Programme?

Story Tellers
Medical Doctors
Speech Therapists
As well as many other people …