Personal Power and Voice Power:

How to take your space. The voice column. Warm up for body and voice. Expressing feelings with your voice and releasing vocal blocks through sound.

The Role of the Voice and its Polarities:

The seven fundamental aspects of the voice. How to release yourself and the world around you with your voice. The feminine and masculine aspects of the voice and their expression. Sing your song in all your different “roles” of life.

The Different Layers of the Voice:

The psychological aspects of all the different voice types. Personal boundaries in your voice and the recognition and transformation of these. Positive song affirmations.

Sound Healing and Intuitive Singing:

Sound improvisations. Learn to listen with heightened awareness. Different methods of sound healing and intuitive singing. The different voice types and voice patterns.
All workshops are based on my book: The Power of the Voice.
Please note, that these workshops have a limited number of participants in order to allow time for individual coaching and training.

The workshops are open to everybody, but may also be taken as part of the two-year voice therapist training programme.

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A workshop is always planned and designed with a particular group in mind, and may be taken as a mini-workshop lasting just a few hours, or as an in-depth workshop lasting several days.

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