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Voice Coaching

Voice Reading, Individual Training and Therapy

Voice reading, or voice analysis, is an analytical model, a blueprint of your voice which will “read” your voice.

It will give you feedback on how you sound and what you signal with your voice. The reading of your voice will establish the range, the strength, the tune and the placing of your voice as well as many other aspects of your voice.

It will show you where your real strength lies and give you feedback which will enable you to discover where your potential for further development lies.

The voice analysis will demonstrate how your voice and psyche are connected and you will get recommendations on how you yourself can work on your weaker sides and issues with the help of your voice in order to release these and realize your true potential as a human being.


Schedule a session

You can book up to 3 sessions below. The prices are as follows:

1 hour session: 900DKK/120EUR/120EUR/100GBP/165USD

If you would like to book a 6 or 10 sesson package, please email me:


Payment is by Paypal

The session can be by either of the following:
A. Skype
B. Googlehangouts
C. Call in at: 0045 4499 2910


How to prepare for the session?

Everything in your life is reflected in the Voice

You can work with any theme, problem or situation in your life you want.

Both regarding the concrete voice and more psychological aspects.

Take some minutes to sit down and relax before your session. Focus on your deep breath and pay attention to whatever comes into your mind.

Have some water ready by your side and drink suffiently before and after your session.

Remember your Process Book so that you can write down right after your session.



How to call in?

You can use Skype, Google Hangouts or call in from a landline

Hvad vil det sige

- at huske det, vi har glemt

- at synge en mælkebøtte, en farve eller et menneske

- at finde vejen hjem


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