Lisbeth Hultmann is a professional opera singer and has worked with various Danish opera companies. She is a qualified dance- and gym instructor and a certified Gestalt therapist.
She has performed in several stage shows as well as in a number of television productions.
In 1983 she directed her own musical drama production;
“ Dreams in Closed Rooms”.

1991-95 she worked with the opera company “Bel Canto”.
In 1995 her book, “The Power of the Voice ”, was published by Aschehoug , and a revised second edition was printed in 2004.

In 2001 she established her own company, The Palace of The Voice, offering individual voice coaching as well as a unique voice coach training programme for those who want to become professional voice coaches.
Lisbeth Hultman sees the human voice as a multi-facetted tool:

As a means of communication from one heart to another.
As a path  that leads deeply within yourself on a journey to discover your true potential.
As a mirror that reflects The Eternal Now as it relates who you are and how you live your life.

Today Lisbeth Hultman sings opera, oratorios, recitals and lieder in a wide range of classical and modern repertoire, but she also uses her voice in her very own special “intuitive singing” which is an instrument of healing and release, and she also creates spontaneous voice interactions with her audience, stand-up voice entertainment and sound meditations.

Lisbeth Hultmann’s aim is to demonstrate, that by working creatively with your voice you can dissolve physical as well as psychological blocks and issues which will stimulate learning processes and personal growth.
In Denmark she has taught numerous seminars for instance teachers, medical doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and nurses.